Kıyıköy Wind Power Plant

Project Description

Kıyıköy WEPP is located in VIZE District in KIRIKLARELI and joined to the portfolio by entering into operation in 2017.
Having an installed capacity of 28 MW, Kıyıköy WEPP is planned to be subject to a capacity increase by 72 MW.

Company Name Alenka Enerji Üretim ve Yatırım A.Ş.
Project Kıyıköy Wind Power Plant
Licence Date 4.April.07
Kurulu Güç 27MWe / 28MWm + 72MWe Capacity Extension
Province Kırklareli
District Vize
Village Kıyıköy
Height above sea level 120 m
Land Feature Forest
Topographic Structure Low slope, soft topography
Zemin Özelliği Schist and clay
Installed Turbine Type / Model 14 x 2MWm (12xG97 +2xG90)
Project Acceptance Date for Installed Kıyıköy WPP 12xG97 – 15 August 2014 ve 2xG90
13 March 2015
Capacity Extension Turbine Type / Model 20 x 3.6MWm (20xV136)
Grid Connection of the Project KIYIKÖY TM (154 kV Overhead line)
Grid Connection acceptance date 11 July 2014 / 11 June 2014
EIA is not required decision for Installed Kıyıköy WPP 8 May 2009 / 2 May 2012
Capacity Extension EIA is positive Decision 13.September.17
Grid Connection TEİAŞ Kıyıköy Substation
Energy Transmission Line Installed 16 pylon / 4,84km / 1272MCM single circuit / 1 guard wire ve 1OPGW
Acceptance date of Energy Trans 11. July 14